Pequenos Monumentos

Besides the Screen
Urban Fabric Sheffield

Digitalizando o patrimônio

- Google Cultural Institute
- Museus: British Museum, Instituto Smithsonian, Metropolitan 3D Hackathon
- Digital Michelangelo Project

- Cosmo Wenman: moldes em gesso para o século XXI
- Crowdsourcing: MyMiniFactory's Scan the World
- The VR Museum of Fine Art

- ISIS fighters destroy ancient artefacts at Mosul Museum
- Responses: Material Speculation ISIS, #NEWPALMYRA, Project Mosul
- A World of Fragile Parts

- Teen hits back at ISIS
- Palmyra's Arc recreated at Trafalgar Square

- Memória oficial e institucional: Busto presidencial
- Distorções midiáticas: BigSFM: Reconstructing the World from Internet Photos

- Digital Life attempts to 3D scan every animal ever
- Chelsea Manning 3-D printed face
- The ressurrection of Peter Cushing
- Fake Obama create phoney speeches
- Disney develops anti-scanning material

- Lincoln 3D scans
- Archivo Nacional (Fernando Foglino)

Contra-monumentos e memória vernacular

- Praça do Ciclista
- Voz Alta, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
- Fissuras, Rafael Pagatini
- Público e privado na Pont des Arts
- Things and People

- Fred Wilson's E Pluribus Unum
- UniAddDumThs, Mark Leckey
- The Other Nefertiti, a hoax
- Contrascanned, Zak Ziebell
- Catacombs, Claire Hentschker
- light_heists

Sistemas de captura

- Luz estruturada: Kinect
- Kinect Point Cloud
- Padrão IR
- Skanect

- LiDAR: light detection and ranging
- LiDAR nos carros da Google
- Clipe House of Cards
- coding Aaron Koblin
- point clouds

- Prancha topográfica (para ortofotografia)
- Evolution from analog do digital mapping
- Pi3dScan
- Pix4D
- Infinite Realities

- Practical uses of photogrammetry for archaeology
- Archphotogrammetry
- Mining analysis software
- Mad Max: Fury Road
- Vanishing of Ethan Carter

- Metro Re-De-Construction
- Sifted (curta)
- Ghost Cell


- VisualSFM + CMVS
- 3DF Zephyr Free / Photoscan Trial
- Meshmixer / Blender
- Mpeg streamclip

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